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Changing Jobs/Careers

Job Hopping or Career Building: How Many Jobs is Too Many Jobs?

We live in an age when the one-company person no longer exists. Your father, mother and grandparents may have worked for one company their entire lives. Now it is not uncommon to be employed by three, four and even five or more companies during your career.

Someone with several job experiences can be attractive to an employer. It says that you have vast experience and shows your value from having worked under different systems and structures.

To a future employer, several jobs listed on your resume can be impressive. Because of your different experiences you may be a stronger candidate than people who have worked for the same company their entire careers. Those people can only bring the experiences learned at one business, while you bring with you knowledge, training and background from different companies and possibly different industries.

The key is to communicate what you have accomplished at each company. Discuss how you helped past employers meet their objectives. You want to show that your contributions at each company made a difference, which will enhance your value to the employer.

You also should show a work record that has you employed at one company for a significant period of time, at least four or five years. Otherwise, the list of positions on a resume may reveal that you have had a difficult time holding down a job or getting along with others.

When talking with an employer, remember these points about your job history:

  • Relate specific accomplishments for each of your past employers. Do not just write down or name a list of companies for which you have worked. You do not want to appear to be a job hopper.
  • Tell the employer how each experience helped you in your next job. Employers by and large understand and accept the concept that people make controlled changes as stepping stones to advancement.
  • Explain how your past experiences will translate well to the position you are interviewing for. You do not want to appear to have had several disjointed jobs that have nothing to do with the job you are interviewing for.

Make working for several companies work for you. Getting a job will be faster, and you will create added value for your new employer.

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